More and more places have Wi-Fi (London Underground for instance), making it easier for consumers to connect with businesses online. So much so that 39% of Tube passengers have made purchases on their commute/travels.

Being a multi-device focused also makes it easier for us as a business to communicate to our prospects, giving us more opportunity to engage.

But are we acknowledging this as businesses? Are we geared up to the multi-device society we live in? Is our customer experience ALWAYS well integrated from physical store, to mobile phone, to tablet?

80% of UK adults own a smartphone. And smartphone ownership is only continuing to rise. But more sales are still taking place on a laptop, so maintaining a consistent, slick user experience throughout is essential.

Smartphones are now often the starting point of the Buyer's Journey, helping customers become aware of what they need/want. With super quick 4G internet (most of the time), the options are vast and optimising your customer browsing experience will hopefully increase your quality leads.