You may have heard about the new Twitter night time mode which is currently being rolled out across Android (iOS roll out to follow). It basically allows you to change the colour of your Twitter interface so you can tweet in the dark.

Wahoo go Twitter! Another 'useful' update... In all seriousness Twitter needs to do a lot more than offer a neat little interface feature. The changes and features should be adding value to the users. And whilst it might save my eyesight, I don't think this will add enough value for me to use it.

The benefit is that it is easy to turn on and you have the option whether to use it or not. It is not forced on you, so there is unlikely to be protest (as there usually is when Facebook roll out a feature). For those who like to Tweet in the dark, it could be a God send.

Twitter knows it needs to change and adapt to the growing digital world. Perhaps baby steps are the right way to go.

*Night time mode activated*