Amid all the gloom and doom, and global shocks to markets and currencies, has anything actually changed for your trading conditions?

Some businesses I've spoken to this week are seeing an opportunity for growth, not in spite of the looming downturn, but because their competitors have frozen.

When all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.

If you provide business services of any description, it's likely that the problems you solve with those services are on the increase, rather than decline.

Pushing through the obstacle to find the opportunity on the other side, is a proven route to success.

Your customers may need your help now, more than ever before. Lean into the problem, and help them solve it. You may just be one of those companies that go from Good to Great in a time of adversity.

You'll be in good company, here's a few more great businesses born in times of uncertainty and turmoil.