One of the most important aspects of today's marketing is the data that is being created. 

One of the most valuable aspects to any business is their ability to interpret it.

This data comes from your companies CRM system, your customer and prospect interactions, social listening and engagement, surveys, feedback and anyone customer facing in your business.

Could you image how powerful it would be to:

- Use real time data to create better relationships with your customers.  Analysing your services and updating them to any delays or issues.

- Use relevant and contextual content on your website.  If they have made signals they are ready to buy (reviewing your pricing page and contact us page) then offer them content and conversion paths that are very different to if they're reading awareness style blogs.  Identify stages your prospects are in their buyers journey, what social media post brought them to your site and contextualise your content and their journey.

- Sending broadcast emails that are only delivered when each email is most likely to be opened

- Using heat-maps to build the best user journey, enabling you to put conversion paths at the most optimal places on your website

These are only but a few, but you must have a strategy, the processes and technology in place to achieve this.  It doesn't happen overnight.  Data needs to build up in order for you to use it in any meaningful way.

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