A great infographic here showing that the best way to create a digestible, pleasing piece of content is to follow a trusted recipe.

That said, there's no reason we can't take a classic and put a twist on it. A preference for shaken, not stirred or putting some mango in your Collins for something a little sweeter (swap the gin for vodka and you're onto a winner)... no palette is the same and although the basics need to be there to create the right balance, it's knowing the person who will be consuming it which will make the format of your content a success.

If someone is particularly partial to a playful margarita, it's not likely that they're going to settle for an old-fashioned in its place, just because it's advertised heavily that day. 

Know your audience

Get the basics right

Keep the right people coming back for more

Now this is a metaphor I could really get behind.