LinkedIn is incredible.  It is an absolute goldmine for anyone working in sales.  We now have the opportunity to search, connect and potentially engage with anyone. 

We have a problem though. 

Sales people are ruining the platform though and if we don't change our behaviour then we could ruin the platform forever.  Either people will stop using it or LinkedIn will clamp down even further.

Here is what you need to STOP doing

- Spamming Group Discussions

- Sending sales pitches

- Sending uncustomised, Cold Connection Requests

- Creating Fake Accounts to Spy on Competitors

It's not all bad. It presents you with an opportunity.  Take a look at the steps Pete Caputa takes you through in the below article as alternatives to this spammy activity.  

Make LinkedIn the most efficient and effective tool ever created for prospecting.  Use these steps to help you identify, connect and engage with LinkedIn members.

The opportunities to connect with buyers has never been more numerous, easier or richer in quality.  

Sales is changing for the better.  Interested in a new sales opportunity?