The content creation part of an inbound marketing strategy can be difficult to maintain. Mainly due to a lack of time!

The key to getting it right is not just an editorial calendar, but writers to help you. No need to hire one, look around the office - I'm sure there are plenty of people who would like to get involved.

Here are 3 reasons why involving all areas of your business in your content creation is a good idea:

- A different perspective.  Pre-sales is going to have different expertise and insight into pain points of customers than your engineers or customer service team. Ever felt out of depth trying to write a necessary post that was outside your expertise? You're certainly not meant to know everything! By reading and editing content from people across your business, you will be able to learn from them, and develop your own knowledge, too.

- Further promotion. With a handful of writers comes a handful of Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and more of a reason to share your company's content (they wrote it, they're going to want to show it off!)

- Get someone else to edit your own posts. With others investing some time in the company blog, they're going to understand that it's good to have an extra eye on the final draft and if you give them advance warning, will be happy to have a quick read and provide some pointers. You'll have more posts for the blog and  be improving your own writing too.

If you haven't already started drafting an email asking who would like to contribute, I'd get started now.