We hear about content being a core focus in enabling business and generating leads. That by creating something of value to prospective customers they are more likely to want to engage with you and trust you, and ultimately do business with you.

Bill Gates once said "Content is king"

It's all true. Bill was right. But what about the context?

Without considering the context, how can your content have any impact?

You need to consider the content's purpose. Think about who is going to engage with it and why. One thing to remember is to always appreciate anyone engaging with your content. We all live busy lives juggling a multitude of tasks. For someone to take ten minutes out of their day to watch your video or read your blog post is not something to take for granted. Appreciate those engaging, build a relationship as that will transfer to building your context.

Three things to consider when building your context:

1. Understand and respect the platform & audience.

2. Don't become an interruption.

3. Be consistent

So if your context and content aren't yet married, it's time to start planning the wedding.