Often when trying to unpick a particularly complicated problem, I find that the complexity has usually arrived because people have tried to avoid the hard work in solving a problem properly, and have instead created workarounds.

To get a lasting solution, I find it crucial to get past the workarounds and down to the root cause of the problem, or to the real core of the opportunity.

These three questions are a great tool, and they fit neatly with the Start With Why approach, here's how I see it:

1 - Will you change it? The key to this is to connect with Why you must change. If you don't care why you should change something, you won't.

2 - Is there a better strategy you can use? This is How will you do it. Does it need to be done better than before? How?

3 - Can you execute? Finally, What will you do?

Now, go and take that big problem you are stuck with, and apply these three questions.

Get in touch to let me know how you got on. I'm always interested in this type of conversation, and maybe we can share your success story.