Most of the language sales and marketing use to describe each other is negative, and there are tons of stats to back each others case up. But who is actually solving the problems?

Take this one: 90% of Marketing-generated leads are not picked up by Sales.

Who's to blame? Marketing blame Sales for being lazy. Sales blame Marketing because 'the leads are weak'. I blame their boss for not trying to understand why it's 90% and working out how to fix it.

The truth of the matter is they are both mostly wrong. True, some leads are weak, some sales people are lazy (or worse). But 90%? Across pretty much every industry and every business that has separate Marketing and Sales teams? Come on.

Let's dig into the gap and find a solution. Leads need to be validated by marketing immediately, and passed to Sales for a connection attempt within 15 minutes. After that, the lead is going cold. 

If Marketing waits until the end of the month to collate a spreadsheet of all the leads, and sends them in one big bunch, then the Sales person is right. The leads are weak.

If Sales can't connect at the first attempt, they must keep trying. We are all busy, we all ignore incoming messages, we can all stand to be asked more than twice. 

In fact, over 80% of sales result from connections that were made after more than 4 attempts. If Sales give up after 2 attempts (as 90% do), then Marketing is right, Sales are lazy.

Now that we've discovered some more details, we can plan to watch for them, and manage them.

Marketing need to alert Sales immediately when a lead converts, and Sales need to connect with the lead no matter how many attempts it takes.

Then, we can learn something new and make improvements. Try this for a new learning experience:

When a lead is connected with, Sales should report back to Marketing one of only three things:

A - I've advanced the Sale, thanks

B - They are a fit, but not ready, please nurture them

C - They're not a fit, don't send this type of lead in future.

That is possibly the most meaningful connection that you can create between Sales and Marketing, and you can do it right now.

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