Bored of looking at the same old articles everywhere, with little to differentiate them from others, and little relevance to you as a reader? Me too.

With that in mind, here are a couple of crucial things to remember when building out your content plan so you don't fall into that same trap...

Plan for your persona

If you're investing lots of time and effort in eBooks or Whitepapers, and your persona is time poor and would prefer a quick worksheet as a download then you're wasting your time.

It will take time to see what works and what doesn't, and as with everything, your personas may change and develop over time. Don't just assume that you're destined for low views and clicks, try testing a different format and see what happens. What works for you one year may not the next, so constantly test and keep it interesting.

Review and recycle

Remember that it's not all over once you hit publish, and you need to regularly keep an eye on posts to see how they're doing. Not going so well? There's certainly no rule saying you can't do anything about it. Make some changes, re-promote, look at the results and never just shrug it off as a failure without trying to make some changes.

Actually, your most recent blog post did really well straight away? Great! Take the core theme of the blog and turn it into an infographic or run a webinar. If it works for your persona, you could even develop it into an eBook or guide. If the blog post is getting hits and engagement, make sure you consider how you can maximise on this with a conversion point that is relevant

I think we often forget the possibilities out there with content and fall back on the straightforward option. By testing, repurposing and paying attention to who we want to be targeting, there's every chance we can all have effective content.

The article from the Content Marketing Institute below gives some great examples of content format options and is well worth a read.