A morning coffee has become routine for most of us working in business. We say it is the fuel we need to kick start our productivity and get our heads in gear for the rest of the day.

Are we missing the mark? Is water more effective in getting our focus?  The human brain is 75% water, so it seems obvious that this needs to be replenished consistently.

We are advised to drink around 2 litres a day, depending on the individual. For some of us this is difficult to achieve. I gave myself the target of drinking 1.5 litres a day over the course of Lent to see if I could feel the impact. 1.5 litres to make it more achievable for me. Honestly I felt much more awake and often less hungry that I usually felt.

The effects of dehydration are the same no matter how we got to that state. 

And rumour has it that coffee actually dehydrates you...