The gender pay gap is still a pressing issue. The Salary Survey Report from B2B Marketing highlights the salary differences faced in the marketing industry.

Whilst perhaps the gap is not as large as in other industries, the fact that women are well represented in marketing and yet are still earning less is surprising.

One theory (and there are plenty more) is that women are less comfortable asking for a pay rise then men. A primary reason for this would be fear of losing their job. However I think this then should impact a culture change, where businesses reassure employee's their job is secure. It will encourage confidence in ability and therefore payment for that skill. The development of a safe environment will allow women to question their salary and ask for a raise if appropriate. 

Of course this is wishful thinking. If a business can spend less on an employee's salary then they will. It impacts the bottom line and management always have their eye on the ball. And of course you cannot guarantee job security.

But if we changed the way we look at salaries would that reflect in a closing of the pay gap? What is the cost of retraining a new employee? Would it be better to increase your current employee salaries instead? Is there bonus options as an alternative? If the businesses cannot commit to paying an increased salary in the long-term but wants to reward its employees for their work, surely this is a viable alternative?

In any case as Danielle Howe, B2B Marketing Editor says " the industry has a responsibility to make sure this gap disappears"