The link below is a really interesting piece of research - garnered from data from 55,000 consumer interactions. It's a list of "the" eight types of content your audience are looking for.

The list is: Inspire, Be in the know, Find, Comfort, Connect, Feel good, Entertain and Update socially.

It's probably frowned upon to disagree with a learned research piece and 55,000 people - but for me there is one glaring omission from the list and it's Help. 

For me, help is what the majority of your content should do for your audience. Help them understand their problem, help them decide they need help, help them understand the possible solutions, help them decide on the best solution for them...

Help is important at every stage of your customers Buyer journey and if you are spending all your time trying to comfort, entertain and inspire (nice as it is to do those things), you can be sure there is a competitor concentrating on helping and making more money than you are!