The online world is one big ball of noise. Content is being produced left, right and centre. It would be impossible to read it all, unless you are some sort of superhero. I mean 300 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded daily. So how do we decide what content we are actually reading? More importantly is it us who is making that decision?

Start-up, Echobox, analyses all its user data to select a optimum time for choosing and posting content. With a 71% referral traffic increase on Facebook, using your data in this way seems like the obvious route to go down. And there are a number of businesses starting to do this. The New York Times also uses technical software to help promote content, resulting in 380% more clicks when it used. When deciding what time to post your social media messages, HubSpot also offers prime time time slots - based on what time would be most effective for the customers in your database.

Although gut instinct is often worth considering when forming bigger strategy plans, using tech to propel the right content at the right time is a no brainer.

Let's remove the guesswork and add the science.