In these times of turmoil, it's too easy to indulge yourself in the churning economic and political news, and take the foot of the gas with your business growth plans. Here's a tip: Don't.

At signs of danger, we can Fight, Flight or Freeze. The current markets and national mood are so volatile, it seems that the safest thing to do is freeze while someone steadies the ship.

What does that look like though? A typical response is to stop recruiting, stop training, cut back on marketing, pile the pressure on your team to work harder to secure their jobs.

This is tantamount to cutting your legs off at the knees to reduce your weight so you can sprint faster.

The real threat to your business is the way you react to the news from outside.

Fortunately, the real opportunity for growth is inside your business too. Don't destroy your productivity by demotivating your team. Make sure your employees are engaged, show strong leadership, and keep moving forward.

Here's a great post from Unipart that points out the flaws in the macro-economic panic signals, and a link to a really good white paper on how to boost your productivity.