If you're cool, then Microsoft is a brand that you stay away from.

You can't bring yourself to like a Goliath who took over the market and dominated for so long. 

You prefer companies who challenge the system, develop new ideas and innovate.

You look at Microsoft's brand as old, boring and unfashionable.

You're also Microsoft's target audience and you've moved.

What's worse for them is, you have all the power.

For a huge company like Microsoft, all manner of businesses and individuals are a target. The issues they face is that the perceptions of their brand have changed.

Gone are the words like 'reliable, safe and easy'.

In are words like 'slow, old-fashioned and boring'.

That is why Microsoft is flipping their marketing on their head. 

They are beginning by bringing in emotive, humanising campaigns which they hope will stop you seeing them as the Goliath of the tech world and instead see them as a challenger in a rapidly shifting space.

Or David. 

As digital marketers, we can all learn from Microsoft.

Microsoft has acknowledged that their message isn't resonating. 

Their customers have moved. Perceptions have changed. They have all the power. But Microsoft hasn't rested on their laurels. 

They've identified where their customers have moved to and are now specifically targeting them with relevant contextual campaigns.

Microsoft has realised where the problem is in relation to the Buyers Journey Funnel.

Sales are affected because Marketing isn't putting enough leads in the funnel.

Microsoft has recongised its problem that customers have moved and they are now trying to attract them.