Pokemon Go is growing quickly. So quickly that it is now raking in £1.2 million every day (and that's before any adverts have even launched).

A combination of nostalgia, accessibility and community has resulted in a huge proportion of us catching Pokemon Go fever. And yes I've downloaded it.

People are spending more time on Pokemon Go than on the Facebook app. And with buying habits having changed so much in last few years, one lesson we have learnt as marketers is to be where your customers are. And if they playing Pokemon Go perhaps that's where your business should be too.

I'm thinking of tech companies offering blogs and advice on how to progress in the game to attract customers. Who know there may be some key influencers reading your post (literally everyone is playing!), that could progress into a lead over time. Perhaps you are a bookshop looking to increase footfall, setting up a Pokemon Gym could draw people near.

Not everyone will be qualified leads, but there will be ways you can generate interest from it. Be creative. It will be interesting to watch Pokemon GO grow. I'm off to go hunt Jigglypuff now.