Colour is becoming more important in marketing. Especially as humans are being more drawn to and are engaging more with visual elements. Choosing the right colours for your brand and for your campaigns can speak volumes, so here's a brief cheat sheet of what the colours you choose can suggest about your business:

Red - Attention grabbing, powerful, use sparingly

Blue - trustworthy, cool, works well with other colours

Pink - fun, charming, sweetness, perhaps more geared towards females, but I personally would say suitable for all

Yellow -  powerful, dangerous hues, demonstrates confidence

Green - versatile, warm, inviting, health, environment, wealth connetations

Purple - Elegance, prestige

Gold - elegant, powerful, wealth

Orange - energy, fun, cool, cutting edge (Nice choice Passle)

Brown - earthy, comfort, relaxation

Black - versatile, modern, can be exciting or relaxing depending how it is used

Of course the various hues and textures will provoke different reactions, so think about what feeling you want to create and work in the colour around that.