I know, I know, everyone is writing about / talking about / living Pokemon Go. We need to either get on board or go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for this all to all blow over.

But i've been thinking a lot about how this reflects our habits as users. 

Not too many years ago, the internet was a novelty. That fun new kid on the block that we all wanted a piece of. Then it integrated fully with our lives, our jobs became focussed around technology and we all started to crave 'real' human interaction again.

Pokemon Go symbolises in a nutshell, that fusion of reality and technology. Health benefits are already being hailed from its encouragement of exercise and fresh air. People suffering with depression are stepping outside and managing to socialise when they've found it too difficult for too long.

The point we all need to take from this is that in this technological age, we may all be constantly connected and online, but we're craving reality more than ever. There's a backlash against the illusion of Instagram and it's being fought by Snapchat and more recently, this game which blends real experience and gaming.

Your content and communications need to be human too. It needs to speak directly to your audience in a relevant way and you can read about how to do that here.