Now that the EURO 2016 and Wimbledon are finished we must survive a long dark period of our lives without sport.

I know. It will be a struggle. 

Fear not, though, in a months time the Olympics will be back. Once again we will all be huddled around our TV cheering on Team GB but this time, there will be a difference.

Research by RadiumOne says that nearly two-thirds of Brits who watch the olympics will be viewing different content on a second screen.

As Marketers this gives us a phenomenal opportunity to interact and engage with a huge audience but we can also take this as a lesson on why we must personalise our content.

Fortunately, there is a proven methodology to help us create conversations with audiences and that is the Inbound Methodology.

By using the Inbound Methodology and Personalisation, you create better engagement with your audience, making them feel important and that they are special to your company.

Personalising key moments from the games, using personal details to communicate with your audience can create a huge community feeling.

This can make a huge difference in how your audience perceives your company. However, we must also realise that this may deter some customers who feel uncomfortable with the too much personalisation.

Nevertheless, the Olympics is going to be a huge opportunity with for us Marketers. 

Yet it is also going to be a very saturated market and the use of personalisation will allow you to set yourself apart and create those key engagements with your audiences.