A great post from Grow and Convert again, as they highlight that focussing on a niche is the way to wriggle your way from under the mountain of content filling the internet.

None of us can be everything to everyone. When we choose to specialise with our careers, why are we so eager to turn away from this specialism and try to do everything on our blogs?

Your reader has so many resources at their finger tips, you need to make sure you're exactly pin pointing the answers to their questions and explaining them fully.

You can be ticking all of the boxes for buyer personas and pain points, but completely failing as a result of a lack of focus.

Thought leadership is often thrown around, but to really succeed you need to show you're the ultimate authority on one particular topic. Don't hash out all of your thoughts into one post, delve a little deeper and develop a whole range which are really specific.

Not only will your readers thank you with visits, but you'll see your writing becoming thought provoking rather than generic. No one likes generic.