Once again we are shown how mobile is taking over our content consumption. Speaking at the IAB Digital Conference, spokesmen for Google, John Lewis and Facebook have stressed the importance of designing for mobile.  

To many businesses and marketers mobile optimisation is still very much an afterthought. Something that should be attempted once everything else is complete.

The reality of course is that mobile should be at the forefront of your mind with everything you do. When so much of our online interactions and now completed on mobile anything short of a slick and smooth experience will leave customers disappointed and ready to move on. 

This all comes back to meeting your audience where they are and not where you want them to be. Effectively forming the backbone of the inbound marketing concept. Make interesting content that readers want to consume and put it in a place they are likely to go looking.

A lack of solid mobile optimisation could severely affect conversion rates on your site, a mistake which marketers cannot afford to make.

So next time you look to put your message out there for everyone to see, think not only 'will they see it' but 'how will they see it'.