We all know it, content marketing is ever increasing in popularity due to its success and relevance to buyers.  

However, engagement with this content is not growing, and that's a problem.  

Your content may well be extremely useful to your potential buyer, but if that isn't made clear within the first few paragraphs of your content, you will probably lose them. 

There is little more frustrating, than losing a lead who you know you can help, but they don't realise it. Don't give them this excuse.  

Highlighting your content's use to a potential buyer early on is paramount, whether this be a title of a blog post, or, the cover of a SlideShare

A cheesy analogy always helps...  

The sattellite, 'Juno', has recently entered orbit around Jupiter, in an attempt to sense the planet's deep interior. 

The readers of your content don't have NASA's time on their hands to decipher your content and see whether it is of any use to them.  Make the benefits of your content transparent from the start. 

So, going back to Jupiter, reveal the interior of your content to the reader, from the first time they view it. 

If it is as valuable to them as water on another planet is to NASA, they'll be sure to click.