It can become a bit intoxicating working in a highly driven business environment. One day you sound like a normal person next thing you know you're telling your friends that you'll touch base with them at 8pm on a Friday...

However, as Digital Marketers we do need to be aware of the damage being in a highly driven business environment can cause our content.

Your business engages with leads, prospects and customers through its voice. It's vital that your business has a common distinctive voice that is most importantly based on your audience.

How do I find out what my audience talks like? 

Well, I'm glad you asked, that is the whole purpose of your buyer personas. When complying your buyer persona you shouldn't just focus on demographics and company size. You should also focus on personalities, key phrases they relate to and the voice of your persona. 

Also, even when you have mimicked your audiences voice it's important not to expect this to fix everything. You still need to be starting off conversations with your audience in their voice for best engagement.

This gives your brand a more humane and personalised voice that your audience feels comfortable talking to.

So if you buyer persona is MD's who run huge companies, maybe ask to touch base with them. 

If you buyer persona is a young professional who needs a non-work related product then maybe try something else...