Our friend and family content often doesn't appear on our Facebook radar anymore, as much of our news feed is now taken up news and brands. 

Facebook is taking action to change this, reversing the prominence back to friend and family posts. This is likely to impact reach for businesses who use Facebook as a way of promoting their content. However in the long term I think this will keep Facebook more relevant and keep users coming back as they can continue having meaningful conversations on the platform. And if people are still on the platform then brands will still have an audience to communicate to.

Facebook is used by 1.65 billion people each month, but with other platforms like Instagram (yes even though it is owned by Facebook), Snapchat and Twitter being available, there needs to a valid reason for users to come back. And seeing their friend and family updates is what we joined for in the first place, so Zuckerberg bringing the focus back to the Facebooks foundation seem like a great move in my opinion.