This common phrase, 'a spanner in the works', usually brings a hatful of negative connotations, but this should not be the case...certainly not in marketing. 

After putting in a hard shift on something you generally care about, receiving this success defeating spanner, can feel very much like a slap in the face. A slap in the face, maybe, but an eye-opening experience at the very least.  

Think about it this way, would you rather be completely oblivious to why something was not performing the way you expected, or, would you rather be aware that there was an issue? None of these are ideal. However, the latter gives you an angle and enables you to actually make a positive change in what originally did not work the way you wanted it to. Some typical challenges to look out for can be found here

Finding the famously irritating spanner, essentially allows your business strategy to book itself in for a business MOT. You can take a step back from your business to see what didn't go as expected, and find out why this was the case.   

A helpful resource to find these spanners and get your business back to a well-oiled machine is the HubSpot Health Check, click here to find out more.