Are your tried and tested sales methods no longer working? 

Are you aware of a change in the buyer journey but have no idea how to fix it? 

Are you still not getting better qualified leads? 

Well, Will Smith, yes that Will Smith, has a theory. Speaking recently at a Cannes Lions session, the famous actor said that we marketers need to shift our efforts from products to people

We all need a deeper comprehension of people in order to market products.

This got me thinking, especially as an inbound marketer, what can we learn from this?


We need to remember that people don't get excited about a product; they get excited about the value that products can bring to their lives. This is applicable two-fold from an expensive product you market to a free ebook you're trying to publish to drive up leads.

Also, Don't forget the why. Initial thanks go to Simon Sinek, who's famous speech about how great leaders inspire action, developed the idea. We need to remember that people easily get bored of being told what a product does but focus on them and tell them why you do something and you'll have a listener for life.

Relating to this, we must all remember that we should be marketing solutions and value not just products other wise we'll turn people off. 

Furthermore, you may be getting frustrated at your sales team for not closing leads. However, we must ensure we are giving them the correct context in order for them to succeed. This is achieved by focusing on the people you are leading to sales and why they care about the product.

As Marketers if we focus on providing greater context for our sales teams then they can have a greater chance of success. All of this occurs when an organisation focus more on people than on the product they are marketing.