Lasting relationships can go a long way in business. Especially in marketing. Then why is a clear relationship plan often left out of the overall marketing strategy?

Here's four questions you can ask to help you build on those relationships:

  1. Are you networking? And not just at stuffy business launches, but in every setting you are in. You never know who could be sharing your image with key influencers. 
  2. Are you available? And not just you, but the information your prospects are looking for. Is it easy to get to?
  3. Have you asked for feedback? As in are you actually providing value to your customers? Where can you be adding MORE? Feedback opens the line of communication between you and your customers. And often asking for their feedback can make them feel valued, as you want to know what they think.
  4. Are you engaging online? And this is with the individual, not just the masses. Shouting at everyone simultaneously is unlikely to create positive feelings, but tailored, personal communication can make the world of difference.  

It's time to enhance your relationships. Everyone who comes into your contact with your business matters.