Marketeers may be apprehensive to link visitors to external websites, but they shouldn't be. In fact, they should embrace this approach. Here's why: 

Although some of the visitor's attention will be taken away from your website. If these external links are reliable and useful to the visitor, a solid relationship is built with your site visitor from the very beginning. 

Due to the non-egocentric approach of your website (linking visitors to external sites), the visitor will intuitively acknowledge your company's aim is not to sell to them, but to delight them. Your company will come with pragmatics that it is there to help. A selfless educator...what's not to like?  

Virtually everyone maintains relationships with helpful and trust-worthy characters. If your company can establish they fit this description upon first contact with a visitor, then they are sure to come back and acknowledge your future recommendations/offers.   

Assisting doesn't go unnoticed, and is shouldn't do. It is the key to any productive and useful relationship.