As Inbound Marketers, we all know the importance of Email Marketing.

Getting a person to read your email never mind achieving a good click through rate is tough. 

The inexpensive nature of email marketing makes it vitally important in the expensive world of political campaigns.

Recently, Michael Winters analysed 3000 emails from 2016 US Presidential Candidates and it was awful...

Lack of Value

In marketing we understand the need to add value to our content in order to get the best interactions.

Yet shockingly, 60% of emails sent by candidates asked for money. Are you really going to energise supporters by just asking something from them and not giving any value?

There must always be a point to your emails too. One candidate,Rand Paul, sent 421 emails in just 260 days. In the saturated globalised world, nobody has time to read all those emails. 

The scattered one size fits all, lack of personalization by the candidates hurt rather than helped their campaign.

Simple Mistakes

Applying for one of the most important jobs in the world, you'd think the candidates would carry themselves with watertight professionalism but simple mistakes plagued their email campaigns.

Michael received an email directed to: "FNAME," needless to say I'm sure he and others didn't feel the need to click on any links in the email.

Also, most emails had multiple CTA's (not just a secondary CTA) asking to donate, buy merchandise, attend an event and engage on social media. 

You should be trying to motivate readers to carry out a specific action, not bombarding them with commands which would take an hour to complete.

Not talking about issues

Trying to market a product your customers want is hard, trying to convince voters that they want you is equally as hard and it's near impossible when you don't know what they want.

41% of emails sent by candidates never mentioned an issue. The best way to understand your audiences challenges is to ask them directly. If you don't know what their concerns are or problems they face then you cannot present yourself as the solution.

As digital marketers, we know how important email marketing is for engaging and galvanising your audience. The 2016 Presidential Campaign showcases the practices your want to avoid.