EURO 2016 kicks off tonight and as 24 teams fight for glory on the pitch, fans will be going head to head on social media with the winner’s flag lights up the Eiffel Tower.

Orange, as a part of their #OrangeSponsorsYou campaign, will analyse fan support across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in their real-time barometer.

Then the country with the most traffic each day will light up the Eiffel Tower. Fans can use their team's hashtag like #ENG or #TogetherForEngland. 

As well as that, the best tweets of the evening will also be projected onto the famous monument, meaning the Tower will play a key role in the tournament. 

You can only image the level of tweets that will be sent for that reason alone!

As Digital Marketers, we can see the huge audience this has the potential to create. During the 2014 World Cup, there was a whopping 672 Million tweets. Orange is hoping to tap into that audience.

More importantly, Orange are going where the conversation is and guaranteeing they are involved. My colleague Gem wrote about the importance of being consistently involved in your audiences conversation and not just demanding their attention when you need it

Also, by physically lightening up the Eiffel Tower, Orange are intelligently using reality to engage users on a digital platform. The alignment of reality and their digital campaigns is allowing the company to extend their message and reach new audiences.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to align your digital campaigns to reality!