The US Census Bureau projects that today's minority groups will make up the majority of the US population by 2040.

We all need to react to this. Buyer personas are helping by drilling deeper down into people's motivations and goals. The depth of a buyer persona makes them more valuable than ever. 

Yet an issue arises when your internal culture doesn't reflect your buyer personas. If your company employs the same demographic for each position; it will struggle to truly understand and connect with your buyer persona.

Therefore, if you want to truly reach your buyer persona your company must diversify its workforce to match as many buyer personas as possible.

Let us not forget that the best form of marketing is the combination of context and content.

As a result, a diverse workforce will bring new ideas and help you understand the context of your buyer personas.

If one of your buyer personas is a 30-35 year old female parent who's main worry is maintaining a healthy balance between being committed to her work but also spending quality time with her children. Can your company market a product for this buyer persona if you don't have any female employees?

We all need to be aware of the importance of gaining real-life experience in order to properly understand your buyer persona. 

People's values and expectations are drastically different from 30 years ago. Only by acknowledging this; aligning your companies employees and buyer personas can you reach these audiences.