We are all human and all have a life outside of work.

This needs to be brought into the workplace - we spend more time at work than anywhere else. We are interacting with other humans, whether they are your customers, prospects, colleagues or employers. 

Be open about how you organise your day and you're likely to discover your prospects, colleagues, employers and customers will flex around you.

If you are in sales, use technology to make initial connections with prospects when you are not working.  Let them know, send them something useful and ask whether they want to book some time in your calendar.

If you are in marketing, use scheduling to publish social media and other content for when you are not working.

Most importantly work with an employer who values you and one that will flex around you.  Do yourself a favour, consider their objections and be proactive, consider a plan and present it to them.

All of our team have flexible working hours.  This is important - actually I am currently writing this whilst I have my hair done.  Why not, I'm still working and it saves me having it done at the weekend when I'd prefer to be out cycling with my son.