Working for 12 hours a day or so sometimes can give you a 'bragging' right. "I didn't leave the office until 9 last night..." When really working the longest doesn't mean working the hardest.

Yes some days we do work longer than others, but on the whole by working a bit smarter hopefully we can be a whole lot more productive and avoid working too late. 

I've picked out the top three ways (from 25) you can be more productive at work:

1. Stop checking your phone constantly: This is similar to an email notification, drawing your attention away from your task meaning you spend time getting back into your work flow. Set a time when you will check it instead.

2. Say no: Be realistic with your workload. Saying yes is friendly and nice, but it won't benefit anyone if you just don't have time to do a good quality job. Honestly explain what your capacity to help is.

3. Move away from perfection as your goal: It's important to strive for good quality always, but it will never be perfect across the board. Everyone will have a different opinion. You'll just end up wasting time on a project you could have spend elsewhere. You could set a time limit on a task to help you move on.