Inbound Marketers spend a lot of time looking to the future, and there's a great opinion piece here which may help us identify a few new areas to think about.

There's one in particular that stands out for me - Personal Authority. Not in a big-headed way, I've seen this happening already in our clients, across our team here, as well as in many other agencies we know.

If you look at HubSpot, is it easy to see those people who have worked hard to grow their Personal Authority online? Does it add to your positive associations with HubSpot's brand?

Are there inbound agencies that you can immediately think of, who benefit from having a number of people who have built their personal authority there?

Raising awareness of your brand is a core responsibility of your marketing, and your personal branding is becoming a vital component of maintaining your brands relevance and authority.

If you want some ideas of how to help your team to increase their Personal Authority, combining these two things opens up a world of opportunity.