Whether you are crystal clear on what your perfect graduate job is or not, there are a few more steps you need to take in order to land your perfect position.  You need to find the perfect company to work for. 

Review these 5 steps in order to assess the right employer for you:

1. Culture

If a business has a defined culture then they know what it is they want to be.  A shared culture around how they think, behave and work. Check out the culture and see if it is a culture you would like to be a part of.  

2. Environment

How important is the environment in which you work?  What aspects is important to you?  An employer that is invested in providing a great working environment is putting your needs first.  They want a happy and health workforce.  Check out what the working environment is like.  Do you like to work standing up?  In a quiet environment, in a vibrant and fun one?  Do you need decent coffee or an ergonomic workstation?

3. Career and Personal Development Opportunities

How important is the career prospects that a business has to offer or your own personal development?  If it is, check out what they have in place around a clear defined career path or how invested they are in your personal development.  Check specifically what plans or programs they have.

4. Benefits

How much is the business invested in you.  That won't always be around how much they are willing to pay you.  What additional benefits are they offering?  Good pension plans, life assurance, private health care, good paternity and maternity polices, holiday policies etc..

5. Research and Identify 

Once you've defined what is important to you, research the companies you want to for work for, find out about their environment, goals and culture. 

Interview the business during your interview.  Ask whether they are happy for you to reach out and speak to other employees of the business to ask them questions about the business and job.  Any decent employer will be more than happy to comply.

We are invested in all the above points, but we are not perfect for everyone.  If you are interested in working for one of the most innovative marketing and sales agencies in the UK, check out our available positions here.