The article below from Kissmetrics focuses on the importance of segmentation as an element of email success and reminded me of a post I once wrote about how email efforts need to be re-invigorated to avoid extinction. 

Our inboxes are constantly full of marketers fighting for our attention, and if you're anything like me, you don't read many of them. Too many emails, not enough time.

But what about the ones you do read?

More often than not, I bet the ones you open and engage with have a headline which is relevant to you or something you're working on. 

That's segmentation at its best (or sadly sometimes, just good luck).

Unless you are a particularly niche company, it's highly likely that you will have more than one persona, or industry that you're talking to. Segmenting your database and sending different versions of emails will show that you understand their different requirements or pain points, and are offering a relevant piece of advice.

Even if they aren't ready to be your customer yet, when they come around to needing to buy your product, they'll remember how useful your information has been, and that relationship will lead to a sale.

Try it with the next email you send and let me know what happens.