Are we guilty of forgetting about our forms? I hold my hands up to say I don't always give my forms as much thought as I should.

Rookie error. We should be giving our forms MORE thought than all the other elements, because this is where you convert your visitors into leads.

So here's a quick round up of things to consider:

1. Fewer clicks: the less your visitors have to think to complete it, the easier it is for them to fill it out.

2. Highlight value: if the benefit is clear and applies to your visitor then why wouldn't they complete your form?

3. First glance: Simplified questions and clickable images rather than drop down options can encourage visitors to complete the form forming good first impressions.

4. Cognitive bias: Make it all about the user, show them they are making progress i.e. 30% complete

5. Visual: Humans are more visual - use that to your advantage. Too much text can mean information overload and deter completion.

Ask yourself:

Is the outcome of filling in the form clear?

Is it easy to complete?

Is it enjoyable to fill out?

Does it give peace of mind to the user?

And most importantly:

Is it possible to complete? Test it!