It's 23:52 and another email has arrived in your inbox. The scary thing is that this is pretty much a standard evening, with countless emails being flung around. 

The instant nature of emails is becoming inescapable. It is near impossible to leave your work at work when you constantly have emails pinging through. The argument could be that unlike a phone call which needs an immediate response, sending an email lets the recipient respond in their own time. 

But this is simply not true anymore! Emails seem to have developed an response style that needs to be dealt with straight away, creating unnecessary pressure for many.

French President, Francois Hollande, has taken steps to stop this foreseeable "digital burn out" by introducing hours where employees are not allowed to use their email. Whether or not this will be monitored well is another story as there is no penalty for non compliance yet. 

Highly stressed employees cost the UK approx. £57 billion a year through loss of productive time. Introducing a similar email ban to France could be a great step towards helping employees become less stressed and therefore much more productive at work.