We use our mobiles all the time. But from a business perspective are we making the most of smartphones as a platform?

85% of our time on mobiles is spent using apps. However getting users to stay on your app can be difficult. Here are three ways you can make your mobile strategy more effective:

1. Learn from your churn

Use your churn data to understand why some users stray and abandon your content or apps. Spotting why can help to improve your content. 

2. Show your value

Why should they use your mobile app? If it's not clear to you and your employees, then it will not be clear to the user. Create an elevator pitch that demonstrates the value straight away. Otherwise you will lose customers quickly. 3 in 10 will stop using an app after first use if it doesn't deliver.

3. Personalise your approach

You have the data about your users. But you have to use it for it to have any value. Your data can help you personalise your approach, so your users feel this app is really for them as an individual.