How do you determine what slice of the pie you giving each marketing agency your business works with?  What specialisms are you going to need in order to achieve the high-growth required for your business over the 2 years?

The chances are you are going to need more than one agency to deliver brand, design, development, creative, PR, Inbound, SEO, video......  But, how do you manage and lead multiple agencies?  

Do all the agencies fight to be a lead agency, fight over a larger slice of the pie, to lead the strategy and vision for your business?

Marketing agencies are client-pleasers.  This is hard-wired into them and they will always claim to be willing to collaborate with other agencies.  This is a lie.  Well most of the time it is.  

Agencies need to get over themselves and be more open (not just because they want to win a pitch or deal), really open to working alongside and with other agencies.  Recognise and value these collaborations and see what more you can deliver working together rather than against one another.  It may even mean a bigger slice for you all if you succeed!  

Business / marketing leaders need to take responsibility to own the leadership role.  They need to set a consistent, motivating, strategic vision or success criteria for each agency or collectively.  It is the responsibility of the agencies to find a way to work and collaborate but all parties, including the business need to be accountable for their role.