With Donald Trump now the presumptive Republican nominee, many are asking how and why.

A major factor has actually been a small helping of inbound marketing, raising awareness in a very effective and economical manner. 

So much so that Trump would have needed to spend $380 million on paid ads to raise the same amount of attention that he generated on social media.

He has generated so much interest that the number of tweets surrounding Trump between March 2015 to February 2016 would take over 1,200 years to read.

The content was shared and discussed so much because it was different, it was controversial. Trump sold a story, and weaved it into the American public.

The clear message from a business perspective is that we have the tools to generate interest. The price barrier now to market your products/services is almost non-existent, compared to ten years ago, but it is how much we use it, how much we commit to it before we can see the results.