One of the biggest challenges I face running an Inbound Marketing and Sales agency is finding the right marketers to employ. 

Marketers know how to spin a story and use appropriate buzzwords.  Cutting through this is a challenge.  Did they actually generate X in revenue in their past role?  Did they actually generate X% increase in web traffic and blog subscribers?  Was it actually all them or was someone else in the business driving the strategy, were they working on their own or in a team of 10?      

One of the most successful ways we have sifted out those that are really interested in our role is giving them a challenge.  The most successful one is getting them to write a blog about or on what we do.  This doesn't help tell how the marketer could make an impact on our company but it does show us if they are serious and also enables us to test a few very critical attributes:

1. How they take constructive feedback.

We talk through their blog in the interview, critique it and then ask them how they would update it based on our feedback.  This is paramount to a successful content and inbound marketer.  The ability to respond if something doesn't work quickly and make iterations. 

2. Have they taken the time to fully research what it is that we do?

If someone cannot articulate what it is that we do then the interview is a waste of our time.  It shows that the applicant has not read any of our content or done any research.  We invest in our employees, they need to truly want to work with us and they need to demonstrate this.

Incorporating this with the 5-How framework is certainly something I am going to try.  The next challenge is attracting enough applicants for the roles we have!  

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