Many of us will readily admit that if we have an idea, it stays close to our hearts with little emotional opportunity for alteration. Even if a fundamental change could mean success over failure, we often have blinkers on when it comes to picking apart that lightbulb moment.

That's probably where we're all going wrong.

From business ideas to blogs and even more crucially with our websites... it's time to start embracing iteration more.

I've been reading a lot about Growth Driven Design recently, and that idea that just because something seems good when we think of it, it doesn't mean it's something that will automatically work. You can apply this idea to anything, but an area with direct financial impact as well as effectiveness is with websites.

With traditional website builds, you would build a whole new site, let it fall into outdated disarray over the years and then start again from scratch. The boom and bust of website design: far from ideal for both customer experience and finances.

Start with something. Anything! Get the bare bones of your website up and running and then test test test. Get a variety of people from customers and prospects, to members of your team to give feedback on user experience, and then make changes and build from there. 

Not only will you have a website up and running quicker, but you will then be in a better situation to make constant iterations based on facts gained from testing.

Saving money and making sure it works well for both you and the customer? I think we'll all have some of that.