If the Budget statement was right, and the main problem with the UK economy is Productivity, what can we do to improve it? 

Oxford based Unipart may have the answer.

It's the same reason we see most traditional marketing efforts failing too - taking a piecemeal approach is a recipe for failure.

What we need to do to improve our productivity, is the same as what we need to do to improve our marketing and sales funnels - engage more across the whole process.

Whether it's supply chain or the buyer's journey, the process as a whole needs continuous monitoring to find where the bottleneck is right now, so you can make the small change that reaps the big impact.

How often can you check in on your performance? What is it meaningful to measure? Who should you be engaging with? How do you engage with them? What questions can you ask that open up opportunities to make continuous improvements.

Because that's the real secret - it's not about one big investment, one big deal, one big change. It's continuous changes. Iterative improvements. Better deals, smarter investments, deeper conversations, more focussed ideas.

When we engage with each other and make small changes to reach a common goal, our productivity grows.