One of the fatal flaws of a blogging strategy is hitting publish and then moving on, never to look at that particular post again.

If we think of our websites, we would be shocked if our About page had irrelevant content, or if a Services page referenced a product which you no longer offered. It's unlikely that would be allowed to happen. 

Every time you write a new post, you are creating a new page on your site, and you really shouldn't forget that. It's not an article which is going to be thrown away with the paper it's published in, your website is sticking around and so are your blogs. A particularly good blog could in fact still draw people to your site years after its publication.

Make a habit of going over past blog posts to update them with more timely content, and you will ensure that it remains relevant. 

Re-publishing a post so it has a new date, and include a note from the editor at the bottom stating that it has been updated from an original published date. If anything, it will help show your readers you're committed to giving them quality information. How many of us have taken a post with a pinch of salt because it's 3 years old? I know I have.

The article below delves into other ways you can battle the minefield that is an effective blog, and is well worth a read.