8th March 2016: International Women's Day.  Why this matters to everyone, men, women and children.

The World Economic Forum in its Global Gender Gap Report 2015 estimates that it will take until 117 years to achieve global gender parity in the workplace. One hundred and seventeen years until companies and governments are equally led by men and women. 

If businesses want to build high-performing teams, they need to make employees feel more included at work.

They need to value and encourage in their leadership and in their teams :

Empowerment - developing and nurturing your teams

Accountability - demonstrate your confidence in your teams by giving them responsibility for their performance 

Humility - accepting mistakes, learning from criticism and seeking contribution from your peers and team

Courage - putting personal interests aside to acheive what needs to be done, acting on convictions and principles even if requiring personal risk taking

More equality will bring:

  • higher GDP
  • more productivity
  • better share price and financial performance by a more gender balanced board
  • better all-round performance by a more gender-balanced leadership 
  • more prosperity with more women political leaders

Act today with leaders across the world and pledge what you are going to do, to take action as a champion of gender parity.