Carlsberg have done it again. They have thought out side the box and brought new perspective. "Your mum.." jokes always had negative conatation. Carlsberg took that idea and spun it round, helping us embrace the joke, in a postive light in the spirit of Mother's Day.

They have produced an amusing video with quips like:

"Your mum is so massive...35,000 followers on Pinterest"

"Your mum is so generous. She will offer me a ride anywhere... even though she doesn't have a car"

It's an uplifting campaign that shows us content can be 'good' and stick at the same time. It's a reminder that we talk about content that is different, not something we have seen before. We should strive to do the unexpected and be brave. It's also important that our messaging remains consistent, and Carlsberg have certainly managed to do that. The toast to the mums for being the best, reinforces the idea Carlsberg is the best too. And why not.

Enjoy the video in the link below and Happy Mother's Day (for tomorrow).