During the 20th century, the standard procedure for business growth was dominated by a ruthless opportunism and exploitation. No longer. 

Businesses that abuse their privilege, whether in financial strength, market dominance, or information, are all getting disrupted by businesses whose clear purpose is to expose that abuse and create a fairer offer.

Intuition - the feel of whether something is right or wrong - was not a valued part of the 20th century business growth playbook. But we believe it's now emerging as the key defining attribute for growing, purpose driven businesses.

Previously, the focus was always on creating standard operating procedures, to drive down costs, and make the business case for investment. That investment would enable you to buy your way to market dominance, so you could deliver shareholder value, by improving procedures, driving down costs, making the case for further investment... and onwards in a race to the miserable bottom line where purpose and ownership are at odds with each other.

Now, fast growth businesses are defined by a purpose, other than shareholder value. They use intrinsic motivation to unite their team towards that purpose, and then get out of their way, trusting them to deliver for their clients. Management is out, leadership is in.

The meteoric growth of these empathic and empowered businesses, and the huge disruption they are causing to established markets, can no longer be ignored.  

Intuition is now an essential part of being able to operate a successful growing business. Almost everyone has a level of intuition - a gut feel - for when things are going right or wrong, but we've been taught to ignore or suppress it.

It's time for us to explore and embrace our intuition, develop our empathic abilities, and devote care and passion into what we do. 

We need to trust our senses and explore deeper, getting to the root causes of our clients problems and concerns, and igniting the shared purpose of our team members to drive our growth.

Everything we need to learn to do this is already available now, we've just got to filter through all of the noise to find the signals that matter.

Here's a great first step, read this article on 7 attributes of intuitive business leaders.

If you're already using intuition to guide your growth journey, or you're inspired to find out more, get in touch with me for an interesting conversation. I'd love to talk with you.